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Morning exchange rate is shown until 10:30AM. After 10:30AM, Today’s exchange rate is shown.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE / CAUTION] Please mind Fake Mail pretending our bank inducing to send fund (as Opening Deposit for new account)

We have recently become aware that somebody is sending fake mails pretending our bank to induce recipient of the mail to send fund (as Opening Deposit for new account) and acquire money and personal information illegally.

  • In this case, the sender used following address;
    Metro Bank (
    The address may be one of examples, and there may be other fake addresses to be used.
    We don’t use free mail such as “” or “” for official mailing.
  • In this case, the sender requested the recipient to;
    • open account and send fund as Opening Deposit
    • inform to the sender (by replying the fake mail) once the receiver prepare the fund of deposit.

    We don’t request the client to send fund for Opening Deposit.
    If you receive such fake/spam mails, please be reminded that you should never respond to them.
    You should avoid accessing any email address or hyperlinks contained within them and delete them immediately.