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Basic Policy for Anti-Social Forces

Metrobank Japan complies with this basic policy in order to seclude ourselves from any relationship with and prevent damages caused by “Anti-Social Forces” posing a threat to economic development, social order and public safety.

  1. Metrobank Japan shall neither engage in any relationship with nor accept unreasonable demands from Anti-Social Forces.
  2. Metrobank Japan, when presented with unreasonable demands from Anti-Social Forces, shall ensure the safety of its employees and shall reject any relationships with Anti-Social Forces, as an Organization in its entirety. Metrobank Japan shall ensure the immediate handling and resolution of such cases.
  3. Metrobank Japan will never donate funds, facilitate funding nor accomodate anomalous transactions for Anti-Social Forces.
  4. Metrobank Japan prepares the countermeasures against unreasonable demands by Anti-Social Forces and establishes close collaborative relationship with external specialists such as the police, professional organizations, and legal lawyers.
  5. Metrobank Japan shall handle unreasonable demands from Anti-Social Forces with a determined attitude and shall take legal measures, both civil and criminal, to resolve the case.