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Product and Services

QP Mini Mini EN&JP



Requirements to open a Metrobank OFW Peso ATM Savings Account:

  1. Client must make a reservation thru Metrobank Japan website.
  2. For Filipino nationals only.
  3. Valid Philippine Passport and Japan Residence Card
  4. Only personal application is accepted.
  5. Available only for Single Account.
  6. Minimum Initial deposit of JPY10,000*
  7. Must be residing in Japan for more than 6 months (In case Metrobank can confirm the employment to the company where the applicant is presently working, it is acceptable even the residence period is less than 6 months.)
  8. Remaining Japan Visa must have at least 6 months validity.
  9. For individuals including OFWs are required to provide any one of the following mandatory information
    1. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    2. Social Security System (SSS) Number
    3. Government Service insurance System (GSIS) Number
    4. Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID) number
    5. OFW’s PAG-IBIG number
    6. Philhealth number
  10. Deposit Terms and Conditions apply.**
  11. ATM Card and Personal Identification Number will be released at the time of account opening.
  12. Existing and active remitter of Metrobank Tokyo or Osaka will be prioritized.


*Initial deposit shall be credited to the account in Philippine Peso using the prevailing exchange rate of the day and requires the payment of JPY3,500 for remittance charge.

**Online banking inquiries (including registration, log-in and online purchase concerns) and ATM withdrawal inquiries shall be made directly to your branch of account or Metrobank Contact Center:

TEL: +632-88-700-700

Philippine Remittance

I. Outward Remittance

Remit to the Philippines using Metrobank and experience meaningful banking with the Philippines’ premiere bank.

As the first Philippine bank to receive a banking license in Japan, you can count on our expertise and track record built on trust, stability, and reliability.

Enjoy quick and easy remittance services at reasonable prices and favorable exchange rates available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our network of 700 branches and 9,000 pay-out locations nationwide will ensure a convenient transaction with your loved ones.

You’re in good hands with Metrobank!

  1. Registration is required for new clients
  2. How your beneficiaries may receive funds
    1. Credit to Metrobank account in the Philippines
    2. Cash Pickup Anywhere Service
    3. Credit to other Philippine bank accounts
  3. Way to send funds/and remittance to MB Tokyo/ Osaka
    1. Visit us (over the counter)
    2. Bank Transfer (Ginko Furikomi/ domestic bank transfer in Japan)
    3. From Post Office/Japan Post Bank
    4. Remit thru Convenience Store ATM’s 24/7

II. Inward Remittance

You can receive remittance from Philippines or other countries

Ways to receive :

  1. Credit to your account
  2. Payment over the counter
    (available only at MB Tokyo/Osaka)

Apply for a Remittance Certificate Request Form

Apply for a Remittance Certificate Request Form



  • We do not accept new account opening at Metrobank Japan (Tokyo Branch/Osaka Sub-branch)
  • Please click here for details on OFW Peso ATM Savings Account (Metrobank Japan acting as an intermediary for Philippine branches under Foreign Bank Agency Service).

Trade Finance

Metrobank Tokyo provides Trade Finance Services for Corporate Clients.

Mostly export related services such as below:

  • L/C advice
  • L/C confirmation
  • Bills bought
  • Others

For more information please call our Remittance & Trade Department
03-5281-7252 (Direct)

Foreign Exchange Rate

Remittance related FX

Please call and check today’s FX to the following phone number

MB Tokyo 03-5281-7205(English), 03-5281-7208(Japanese)
MB Osaka 06-7711-1315

Today’s rate will be recorded around 10:30 every morning.
Please be careful that before renewal, you may get the invalid old FX rate.

Rate information:
The rate may be changed within business hours without any prior notice depending upon
the FX rate movement on that day.

The rate may vary everyday subject to the movement of Yen/US Dollar and Dollar/Peso rate.

Remittance Exchange Rate:

  1. Yen/Peso
    TTS (Telegraphic Transfer Selling Rate)/ the bank sells Peso to clients.
  2. Yen/US Dollar
    TTS rate/ the bank sells US Dollar to clients
  3. Over the Counter/ Cash Exchange rate

    1. Yen/ US Dollar (the bank sells USD Cash)
      – Remittance Exchange rate, TTS+1.5 Yen/Dollar
      (In case the client has existing PIN number, TTS+1 Yen/Dollar)
    2. US Dollar/ Yen (the bank buys USD Cash)
      – Remittance Exchange rate, TTB-1.5 Yen/Dollar
      (TTB: Telegraphic Transfer Buying Rate)
      (In case the client has existing PIN number, TTB-1 Yen/Dollar)

    Please note that the limit of Cash Exchange in a day is up to USD 2,000.00 or equivalent.
    (In case the clients has existing PIN number, up to USD 3,000.00 or equivalent)
    Also, for Cash Exchange, client needs to show its ID’s.

Update ID Copy and Customer Information

Update ID Copy and Customer Information