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Privacy Policy

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company Tokyo Branch together with its Osaka Sub-branch (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) strictly observe the relevant laws and regulations relating to protection of personal information in order to be a bank that enjoys the confidence of its customers and a bank of customer’s choice. The Bank shall not use, without consent of its customer, any customer’s personal information for the purpose other than the ones designated below. The Bank shall exert every effort to conduct appropriate management and maintain the accuracy and confidentiality. The Bank shall also exert every effort to resolve, at the earliest possible stage, the complaints directed by the customer regarding his/her personal information.

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Bank acquires the personal information of the customers so that the transactions requested by the customers are handled and processed in a secure and sound way, and so that the customers can receive information on better financial products and services offered by the Bank.
Any personal information acquired and to be acquired from the customers shall be used for the purpose such as checking the identity of the customers, verifying the customer’s eligibility to transact with the Bank, and, from time to time, to introduce new financial products and services to the customers. In more concrete terms, the purposes of use of personal information are as follows;
In order to fulfill customer’s identification obligation stipulated in “Law for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds”, “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law”, “Act on Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedures”, and their related Orders and Ordinances;
In order to verify a natural person’s identity as a representative, an agent, or a beneficial owner of a corporation when the Bank concludes various transactions and contracts (outward and inward remittance transaction, deposit contract, loan contract, and contract for foreign exchange, etc.) with a customer that is a corporation and when an individual representing the corporation is required to write his/her name and position in the corporation;
In order to provide information on financial products and services of the Bank.
The Bank shall, in case of altering Purpose of Use, not do so beyond the scope recognized reasonably relevant to the pre-altered Purpose of Use and shall inform a customer or disclose to the public a post-altered Purpose of Use. A notice shall be posted at the Bank’s premises and uploaded to the Bank’s Web.

2. Type of Personal information to be Acquired
Most general information are, in addition to the customer’s name, address, date of birth, nationality, gender, occupation, telephone number and, further, such as number of passport, number of driver’s license, individual number (My Number), and number of residence card as defined as “Individual Identification Code”, visa validity and expiry date of ID of the customer.

3. Information Acquisition Method
Adequate security measures shall be taken and the personal information shall be acquired through over-the-counter, postal mail, fax, e-mail, and telephone.

4. Provision of Personal Information
The Bank shall not provide customer’s personal information to any of a third party except for the following cases;
cases in which customer’s consent is obtained in advance
cases based on laws and regulations (Article 23-1)
cases in which a person receiving the provision of customer’s personal information shall not fall under the third party (Article 23-5)
The Bank shall not provide customer’s personal information to any of a third party using Opt-Out scheme (Article 23-2, 23-3).

5. Information Management Method
Appropriate measures shall be constantly taken so that customer’s personal information can be kept accurate and up-to-date. In addition, to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage, etc. of the personal information of the customers, the Bank shall take appropriate information security measures such as measures against unauthorized access and computer virus countermeasures. In addition, the Bank shall ensure that any company handling the personal data of customers, etc on consignment from the Bank also enforces rigorous protection measures.

6. Request for Disclosure, Correction or Discontinuation
(Disclosure and Correction)
Unless there is a particular reason, the Bank shall approve customer’s request for the disclosure of his/her own information after checking that the applicant is the person concerned or an agent appropriately designated. In addition, if the information about the customer is inaccurate, the Bank shall correct the information so that the Bank maintains an accurate record of the customer. The request shall be forwarded to the Information Desk for Personal Data Protection specified below. Please note that actual expenses may be charged by the Bank for the disclosure of personal information.

If a customer does not want to receive introductory materials by direct-mail, postal mail, telephone, or e-mail, etc. such request for discontinuation must be forwarded to the Information Desk for Personal Data Protection specified below. The Bank shall discontinue sending information upon such request for discontinuation.

7. Modification
The above information may be modified as a result of amendments to the relevant laws and by other reasons. In such case, a notice will be posted at the Bank’s premises or uploaded to the Bank’s Web.

Information Desk for Personal Data Protection
〒101-0054 Kandabashi Park Bldg. 1-19-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company Tokyo Branch
Attn: Personal Data Protection Section, Remittance
Tel. 03-5281-7281
Business hours: 9:00 to 15:30 (excluding weekends, public holidays and year-end/ new year banking holidays)

Basic Policy on Handling of Specific Personal Information