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Remittance Application Procedure

  • Before transaction, a remitter needs to fill out a remittance application form indicating information about himself and his beneficiary
  • Registration can be done in two ways; by mail or by visiting our branch personally, and the following information is necessary.
    • Remitter: Name, Address, Phone No, Birth Date and others supported by valid ID.
    • Beneficiary Information: Name, Address, Phone No, Account Information (Bank, Branch, Account number and others)
      1. Application forms for remittance may be requested by contacting our branches
        (Metrobank Tokyo: 03-5281-7281 / Metrobank Osaka: 06-7711-1315)
        OR may be downloaded and printed here.
      2. Fill up OVERSEAS REMITTANCE APPLICATION REGISTRATION AND DECLARATION form and Apply for E-statement for higher rates.

      1. Paste (front & back) copies of your valid ID(Click for details) to the ID SUBMISSION FORM and fill up necessary fields.

      1. For application forms downloaded online, please print the Metrobank ADDRESS SHEET FORM here to save on postage fees. Cut the appropriate address of branch (either Metrobank Tokyo or Osaka Sub-branch) and paste it on the envelope that you will use.

      1. Insert all documents in the envelope and drop it at your nearest Yuubin post office box.

      1. After 1week to 10 days, receive your Confirmation of Registration together with EASY POSTAL REMIT CARD (EPRC) with User Guide or Metrobank EASY TRANSFER SERVICE (METS) virtual account number.

      1. You can now enjoy the 24/7 Remittance Service of Metrobank!
  • Over the Counter (OTC)

Come and visit our branch in Tokyo or sub-branch in Osaka with your valid ID and after filling out our forms above, we will register your application immediately and you can send money at the same time.* Subsequent remittances can be conducted through the 24/7 services of EPRC and METS.

*Amount limit for OTC remittances is JPY500,000.