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Cash pickup anywhere


Cash Pick-up Anywhere is the latest remittance service of Metrobank where the Beneficiary in the Philippines can claim their Cash Remittance at any Metrobank Branch (over 600 branches) or from any outlets of the following Payout Partners.

M. Lhuillier (over 1,400 outlets)
Cebuana Lhuillier (over 1,700 outlets)
LBC (over 1,000 outlets)
Palawan Pawnshop (over 1,000 outlets)
Robinsons Department Store (nationwide)

The remitter shall be asked to register a secured personal email address with Metrobank Japan for the Email Alert Notification. A confirmation will be sent during registration in order to validate correctness of the email address.

Once the remittance has been processed, an email alert notification will be sent to the registered email address confirming the transaction details together with the REFERENCE NUMBER. The remitter shall then relay the reference number and other details of the remittance to the beneficiary to facilitate payment.

When claiming the funds, the beneficiary shall be required to present a VALID ID and provide other information such as reference number, amount of remittance and remitter’s name.

A charge of \2,000 shall be collected for every remittance of \100,000 or a fraction thereof up to \300,000.The maximum aggregated amount of remittance per beneficiary per month is \300,000. Metrobank reserves the right to hold or refuse the remittance transaction if the maximum limit is not observed by the remitter.

Remittance Amount Charge
\1 – \100,000 \2,000
\100,001 – \200,000 \4,000
\200,001 – \300,000 \6,000

Metrobank shall not be responsible for any delay in the execution of the remittance payment due to failure of the remitter to provide correct information, beneficiary’s failure to adhere to the requirements in claiming the remittance, technical error, system/hardware failure or some unforeseen events beyond the control of the bank.