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Request for submission of Individual Number (My Number)・Corporate Number

January 8, 2016


Since January 2016, description of Individual Number (My Number)・Corporate Number is obligated at submission of statutory documents to tax offices, etc.,

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company Tokyo Branch and Osaka Sub-branch collect, in case where customer’s overseas remittances (both outward and inward) exceed JPY 1.0 million (or equivalent), Individual Number・Corporate Number only for the purpose of preparation of “Report of Cross Border Payment and Receipt” and will neither collect, use or provide to third parties such Numbers.


How to submit Individual Number (My Number)・Corporate Number and identity documents

Individual Customer   One of the followings

  1. Individual Number Card
  2. Notification Card + ID with Photo
  3. Notification Card + 2 IDs without Photo
Corporate CustomerOne of the followings

  1. Notification Document (issued within 6 months)
  2. Notification Document + Corporate ID
  3. Document with Corporate Number + Corporate ID