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Suspension of Postal Mail Transfer


Thank you very much for choosing Metrobank to be of service to your banking needs. We would like to inform you that our Postal Mail Transfer Service will be suspended effective October 16, 2016. In replacement for this Service, we would like to introduce our other services for your banking needs:

  1. EPRC or Easy Postal Remit Card – a pre-embossed (Specific number to each beneficiary) card issued that can be used in all ATM of Japan Post Bank.
  2. METS or Metrobank Easy Transfer Service – we will assign specific account number to each beneficiary and can transfer through a domestic bank.

Please see attached EPRC/METS APPLICATION FORM to enroll for your next remittance.

For further information, please call us at Tel No. 03-5281-7281 (Tokyo) / 06-7711-1315 (Osaka).

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.