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E-statement is a service used for receiving remittance statements by e-mail instead of postal mail

For customers using METS (Metro Easy Transfer service), EPRC (Metro Remittance Card service), and QP (Metro Quick transfer service) 、you can change to the method of receiving by e-mail to your smartphone or home PC.


For Existing Remitters:

(METS, EPRC or Quick Padala Service Users)

  • Contact us by telephone, Email, or FB to send you our E-Statement Invitation Email*
    • Simply click the “ACCEPT” button in the email.
    • Fast automated enrollment.

For New Registrations:

  • Contact us by telephone, Email, or FB to send you an Overseas Remittance Application Form
    • Simply fill out forms.
    • Check your choice of service** – METS(MUFG/SMBC/Resona), EPRC, or QUICK PADALA
    • Mail back all requirements enclosing copies of valid ID and receive your confirmation within one banking week.

* Valid email address is required for this service.
** Specific Terms and Conditions apply.

EPRC (thru Japan Post Bank)

METS via SMBC, MUFG & RESONA BANK (Bank Transfer)

QUICK-PADALA (thru Convenience Store ATM)

PESO PROMO RATE +.0025 at Metrobank Japan!