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Morning exchange rate is shown until 10:30AM. After 10:30AM, Today’s exchange rate is shown.

Making it easy, remit it easy with our Easy Postal Remit Card.

Please print the forms, write all necessary information needed to complete your application and affix your signature in the space provided.

Kindly attach front and back copy of your valid ID (ex. Residence Card) for foreign nationals and Driver’s License and etc. for Japanese nationals in the space provided in the “ID Subssion Form”. To save on mailing cost, please use the included “Free Postage-paid Address”, cut it and pas it to any envelope. Stamp/Postage is not necessary.


This service is only applicable to existing remitters for their registered beneficiary/ies. Please note that for joint account beneficiaries, all account holders name must be registered.

For new remitters or unregistered beneficiary/ies, please complete our new registration form (Overseas Remittance Application Registration and Declaration) and submit it together with the EPRC Form and copy of valid ID.

*You may download the latest version of Acrobat Reader to open the application.