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SMBC CASH CARD – Terms and Conditions A

本書は、振込入金専用カード ご利用手順書(ご利用者用)を英語にて説明したものです。
This is an English translation, for reference purpose only, of the original Procedure for Using “振込入金専用カード” (“Cash Card”) (for users) in Japanese.Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (“SMBC”)
September 2016Thank you very much for considering SMBC’s “Cash Card”.
This pamphlet provides information on steps that you will need to take in using the “Cash Card” as well as points to bear in mind.
These instructions include steps required by law/regulation, so we ask that you please comply with the procedures detailed herein.

  1. Cash Card issue process
    1. Submission of application documents
      SMBC need to verify the following two facts about the User when issuing Cash Card:

      • The User is a resident as stipulated in Article 6 of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (If the User is a foreign national, the User must have been in Japan for at least six consecutive months)
      • The User is in compliance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds (to be verified whenever transactions are conducted)

      For verification on the above, Users are required to submit personal identification documents in addition to the card application documents (please submit the application documents together with your personal identification documents to the transfer payment recipient company). In this document, “transfer payment recipient company” means Metrobank Tokyo/Osaka.

      Please be aware that SMBC will screen applications as prescribed before cards are issued, and that the screening may result in some applications not being accepted.

      Required documents

      1. Application documents (to be provided to Users by Metrobank Tokyo/Osaka )
        1. Application for Cash Card
          *Before completing this application form, please ensure that you consent to the
          “<カード振込入金サービス>利用ルール” (“Rules of Use”) provided together with the application form
        2. Information provision of Purpose of Transaction and Occupation
      2. Personal identification documents
        Please see “List of Personal Identification Documents”. Residence Card for foreign nationals.
    2. Sending of Thank-you note
      SMBC will send a Thank-you note to the address indicated in the personal identification documents submitted by the User for transaction verification. Thank-you note will be sent by non-forwardable registered mail. Cash Card cannot be issued unless you receive this note, so please be certain that you receive it. (SMBC will usually resend the note if you do not receive it due to an extended absence but, if the note is undeliverable twice, the application procedures shall be invalidated.)
    3. Card provision process
      SMBC will issue Cash Card after the above (1) & (2) process has been completed. Cash Card will be delivered first to Metrobank Tokyo / Osaka, so you receive Cash Card from Metrobank.
      Delivery of Cash Card may take about one month from the application date.
    4. Other
      To terminate the use of Cash Card, the User is required to choose “Cancellation” for the application category on the Application for Cash Card, fill in other necessary items, and submit the form together with Cash Card to Metrobank.
  1. Operation at ATMs
    1. Press “お預け入れ” ( “Deposit”) * on ATM screen.
      *Do not press ”お振り込み” ( “Wire transfer”) or “お振り替え” (“Transfer”).
    2. Insert “振込入金専用カード” (“Cash Card”) and place your money.
    3. The amount will be displayed on the screen; if the amount indicated is correct, press “確認” (“Confirm”).

    The above steps completes deposit process. The above is a simplified description of the process, as a variety of guidance screens may be displayed during ATM operation. Please follow ATM screen instructions to complete the process.

  2. Points to bear in mind when using Cash Card
    1. Please ensure that only the person who applied for Cash Card uses it. Cards should not be transferred or lent for any reason whatsoever.
    2. SMBC ATMs as well as E-net/Lawson/Seven Bank ATMs are the only ATMs which accept Cash Card.
      Please note that certain restrictions apply to the number of notes and the maximum amount.

      Available ATMs Number of notes
      Maximum amount per
      ATMs at SMBC’s manned
      or unmanned branches
      200 notes
      per transaction
      JPY 300,000.-
      ATMs of E-net, Lawson,
      or Seven Bank
      50 notes
      per transaction
      JPY 300,000.-

    3. The amount of deposit will not be displayed on the receipt printed out by the ATMs, so you need to check the amount of deposit on the screen.
    4. Monies placed in the ATMs cannot be divided into multiple deposit.
    5. Once deposit is processed and complete, such deposit is not cancellable.
    6. Reissue of Cash Card that has been lost, etc., will require completion of the same procedures needed for the new issue.

<Appendix> List of Personal Identification Documents
Please note that the documents to be submitted vary by User classification.

(As of October 2016)

Classification Documents to be submitted
(Japanese national)
A copy of any one of the documents in <A> or copies of any two of the documents in <B> must be submitted (these must be valid documents indicating name, address and date of birth).

  1. <A>
    • Driver’s license (*1)
    • Passport (*2)
    • My Number Card
    • Other documents issued/supplied by a government ministry/agency (with face photo)
    1. If you have filed a change of address notice, please enclose a copy of the back side of the driver’s license as well.
    2. Copies are needed of the page containing the face photo, name and date of birth as well as the page indicating the User’s current address, etc.
  2. <B>
    • National Health Insurance Card
    • Health insurance certificate
    • Seamen’s insurance card
    • Medical insurance card for people aged 75 and over
    • Long-term care insurance certificate
    • National Pension Handbook
    • National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations/Local Government Officials’ Mutual Aid Associations union card
    • Child Rearing Allowance Certificate/Special Child Rearing Allowance Certificate
    • Maternal and Child Health Handbook
    • Seal registration certificate (*3)
    • Copy/extract of family register (with copy of attachment to family register attached)(*3)
    • Copy of certificate of residence (*3)
    • Certificate of entries in certificate of residence (*3)
    • Other documents issued/supplied by a government ministry/agency (*3)

(*3) Please submit the originals of these documents, and not copies.

(Foreign national)
A copy of either of the following documents

  • Residence Card (*1)
  • Passport (*2) and payment receipt of public utility charges (other than for mobile phone service) stamped with a receipt date within the past six months

(*1) Only in case where it cannot be assumed by the Residence Card that six months have passed since the date of entry into Japan, copies of the passport page containing the face photo, name, and date of birth, as well as the page indicating the date of entry into Japan are also necessary.

(*2) Copies are needed of the page containing the face photo, name and date of birth as well as the page indicating the date of entry into Japan