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This form is required to be filled out and submitted to Metrobank Tokyo or Osaka when you newly register for remittance, amend remitter information, add a beneficiary or amend beneficiary information. Please use a black ball-point pen (erasable pen not allowed) and fill out the form in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.
・PIN (Registration number): The number issued by the bank at the time of new registration to identify the remitter (applicant). Kindly fill out if you know your PIN.
・Depending on the reason for application, please choose and check ☑ in the left box New Registration, Additional Beneficiary, Amendment.
In case of ‘Amendment’, please specify which information you want to change (remitter address, etc.) and attach necessary documents if needed.

【Remitter’s Data Field】(items from ① to ⑬)

① Remitter’s Name: Please fill in your last name and first name from the left as stated in your Residence Card.
② Address: The address you enter should be the same as the one in the identification document you submit. Please enter the prefecture, municipality, street address, and building name in this order from the postal code.
③ Gender
④ Birthday
⑤ Mobile No.: Please fill out the mobile phone number so that we can contact you.
⑥ E-mail: We will send the remittance statement to the customers who have applied the E-statement service. Mobile phones excluding feature phones (so-called Garakei) or PC are available to be registered. You can register only one address.
⑦ Facebook Account:
⑧~⑨ This is an entry field for your occupation and workplace.
⑧ Occupation (Profession/Type of industry) / Company Name (Shop name) / Company Address (Work Location)
If you work for a company, please indicate your position in the company, the name of your workplace, and the location of your workplace.
If you are a self-employed person, the business type/content of your work (as specific as possible), store name (only if you have a store name), location of the main office
⑨ Office Telephone Number
⑩ Source of Funds
Please write where funds are originating (not the amount)
Company Staff / Part-Timer: Salary or Bonus
Self Employed/ Business Owners: Business Income
Retired: Pension
Note: If the source is “Savings”, please indicate if it is “savings from the previous salary” etc. Depending on the amount and frequency of remittance, we might ask for specific source of funds and proof (for example Bank book copy, etc..)
⑪ Nationality

⑫ ~ ⑬ Information of submitted Identification Card

⑫ Type of ID (Ex. Residence Card)
⑬ ID Expiration Date (Ex. Residence Card expiration date – found at bottom of Residence Card)

【Beneficiary’s Data Field】(items from ⑭ to ⑳)

⑭ to ⑯ are fields for entering information about the beneficiary.
⑭ Name (Name/Company name); This is the field for filling out the name of the beneficiary of the remittance. The beneficiary can be a corporation or an individual. In both cases, please be sure to fill it in correctly and without spelling mistakes. When the beneficiary is an individual, fill in the Last Name, First Name, Middle Name in order from the left.
Remittance funds will not be credited at the partner (receiving) bank due to incorrect name order or slight misspellings.
⑮ Tel.No. (phone number): Please enter the phone number that the beneficiary can answer during banking hours.
(When the overseas remittance arrives, the depositing bank may contact the beneficiary.)
⑯ Address in the Philippines : Please fill in the beneficiary’s address in the Philippines.
⑰ Payment Instruction: (You can only specify one delivery method for each registered beneficiary. Therefore, if you want to select multiple delivery methods for one beneficiary, you must register separately.)
Remittance to beneficiary ‘s account with Metrobank.
In order from the left blank, please enter the name Metrobank branch, the account currency (peso, US dollar, yen) and the account number (13-digit number) correctly.
Cash Pick Up (method of cash pick-up directly at nearest Metrobank branch or any Cash Pick Up outlets)
Account with other banks (remittance to an account opened in other banks aside from Metrobank)
Since it is impossible to confirm the account information opened with other banks, please be sure to confirm it with the beneficiary before applying.
⑱ Relation with Beneficiary: the relationship with the beneficiary as seen from the remitter, your, side.
(Eg; wife’s sister’s daughter ⇒ niece, / wife’s father ⇒ father-in-law)
⑲ Purpose of Remittance: Please enter the main purpose of the remittance.
Once you have registered the recipient, you can repeatedly remit to the registered beneficiary. For remittances exceeding a certain amount at one time,
please let us know details of the remittance (purpose of remittance & source of the fund) beforehand.
⑳ Service selection for Philippines peso remittances (selection of services that can be used for peso transactions)
; Regarding the handling of peso remittances, we have developed new money transfer service that can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
; For peso-denominated remittances, you can choose more convenient route of EPRC (via JP Bank) and METS. (via MUFG, SMBC and Resona.)
Multiple selections from choice are possible, except for QUICK PADALA.

EPRC (Easy Postal Remit Card): You can send money 24 hours/365 days from a Japan Post Bank ATM using a remittance card.
METS (Metrobank Easy Transfer Service): You can send money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
through your dedicated accounts established at Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (MUFG), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking (SMBC), and Resona Bank (Resona).
QUICK PADALA (Metrobank Quick Money Transfer Service): If you would like to apply, please contact our bank representative.
E-Statement: We will send the remittance statement to your mobile phone or PC by E-mail. After completing the remittance process at Metrobank Japan, your details will be sent to your registered mail address immediately by e-mail.
【Don’t forget!!! 】; Even if you fill in up to here, you cannot register unless you make the signature and seal at the end

㉑ Signature/Seal; Please register the signature or imprint that will be used in subsequent transactions.