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MBJ’scorrespondence under the declaration of a state of emergency responding to the spread of COVID-19

Due to the spread of COVID-19, a state of emergency declaration was issued on April 7, 2020 in seven prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka.

On the same day, the Minister of Financial Services, released a statement on maintaining the function of the financial system and financial markets under the current state.

As such, Metrobank Japan will continue our business according to the following policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

MBJ’s Response

  1. As stated in the statement of the Minister of Finance “Request to Financial Service Users”, to prevent the spread of infection, please refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent visits as much as possible, please contact us by telephone or by e-mail for your requests and inquiries.
  2. If it is necessary to visit the branch, we are kindly asking for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands upon entry and wearing a mask (only if you have a mask) in order to keep a healthy and safe work environment for you and our staff. For details, please see “Request for Cooperation” posted in our branches.
  3. As of today, there have been no case of COVID-19 in Metrobank Tokyo and Osaka. However, as the bank has ordered some employees to take countermeasures such as telecommuting (using remote functions from home), it may take time to answer your phone call due to less manpower in the branch.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that all employees cannot come to work due to restrictions on commuting to branches, you may still send your remittance worth less than JPY300,000*1 using Easy Postal Remit Card (EPRC) or Metrobank Easy Transfer Service (METS). We strongly recommend the use / switching to those services and products for your convenience.

* 1 Remittances exceeding ¥ 300,000 will require confirmation of the purpose of the remittance and the source of the remittance by Bank’s officers. And it may take to conduct, and please understand.

Finally, there are concerns about fraud and illegal transactions taking advantage of the during COVID-19 pandemic. Kindly remain vigilant and take precautions against these matters.

Reference: Finance Minister’s Talk

(“Request to Financial Service Users” / the excerpt the part from the statement)
“It would be appreciated if you could use non-face to-face- financial services through utilizing online services, call centers, and ATMs as much as possible”

Basic concept

  1. Maximize efforts to prevent the spread of infection in response to requests from governments, prefectures, and related organizations.
  2. Continue to perform necessary tasks to meet customer needs and provide customer support.

For financial institutions handling deposits, remittance, loan etc.

  1. Branches will remain open and utilize necessary staff to perform customer service continue.
  2. Attendance of staff to branches should be kept to a minimum. Banks are encouraged to provide services using non-face-to-face procedures (Internet, call center, ATMs, etc)
  3. At branches, take countermeasures to prevent the spread of infection, such as securing sufficient distance between customers and staff.
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