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Re: Lifting of the Quasi-State of Emergency Measures from March 22,2022


MBJ’s correspondence under the latest declaration on the lifting of state of emergency and quasi-emergency measures in Japan.

On March 17,2022, the Japan Government announced the lifting of the Quasi-State of Emergency Measures for all affected prefectures in Japan from March 22,2022. In line with this government announcement, we would like to inform you that Metrobank Japan Branches shall resume normal operations of Branch Counter Services for remittance transactions. Please be reminded that services other than remittance transactions services may not be available or require a pre-scheduled appointment kindly contact us prior to visiting by telephone or by e-mail.

Metrobank Japan Branches request our clients to please refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent visits as much as possible, please contact us by telephone or by e-mail for your requests and inquiries.

Metrobank Japan Branches prioritizes the safety and health of its clients and personnel as part of its social responsibility and hope that you understand the measures that we put into place.

In addition, please be advised that Courier Services will remain unavailable until further notice because the courier service companies operations is still not stable in the Philippines due to the ongoing restricted quarantine guidelines under the current crisis.

In case there is a necessity for you to visit our branch, you may contact us first before visiting our Tokyo Branch or Osaka Sub-branch to avoid any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Metrobank Tokyo Branch and Metrobank Osaka Sub-branch

Tokyo Branch: Osaka Sub-branch:
Tel: 03-5281-7281 Tel: 06-7711-1315
Fax: 03-5281-7282 Fax: 06-7709-9243
1F Kandabashi Park Bldg. 1-19-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, 3F Osaka Kokusai Building, 2-3-13 Azuchi-machi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 Chuou-ku, Osaka 541-0052