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Morning exchange rate is shown until 10:30AM. After 10:30AM, Today’s exchange rate is shown.

Foreign Exchange Rate

Remittance related FX

Please call and check today’s FX to the following phone number

MB Tokyo 03-5281-7205(English), 03-5281-7208(Japanese)
MB Osaka 06-7711-1315

Today’s rate will be recorded around 10:30 every morning.
Please be careful that before renewal, you may get the invalid old FX rate.

Rate information:
The rate may be changed within business hours without any prior notice depending upon
the FX rate movement on that day.
The rate may vary everyday subject to the movement of Yen/US Dollar and Dollar/Peso rate.

Remittance Exchange Rate:

  1. Yen/Peso
    TTS (Telegraphic Transfer Selling Rate)/ the bank sells Peso to clients.
  2. Yen/US Dollar
    TTS rate/ the bank sells US Dollar to clients

Over the Counter/ Cash Exchange rate

  1. Yen/ US Dollar (the bank sells USD Cash)
    > Remittance Exchange rate, TTS+1.5 Yen/Dollar
    (In case the client has existing PIN number, TTS+1 Yen/Dollar)
  2. US Dollar/ Yen (the bank buys USD Cash)
    > Remittance Exchange rate, TTB-1.5 Yen/Dollar
    (TTB: Telegraphic Transfer Buying Rate)
    (In case the client has existing PIN number, TTB-1 Yen/Dollar)

Please note that the limit of Cash Exchange in a day is up to USD 2,000.00 or equivalent.
(In case the clients has existing PIN number, up to USD 3,000.00 or equivalent)
Also, for Cash Exchange, client needs to show its ID’s.