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Remittance Service of Metrobank Japan(Inward remittance)

You can receive the remittance from abroad either in Japanese Yen or US dollar at Metrobank Tokyo/Osaka

Ways to receive

1. Credit to your account in Metrobank Tokyo/Osaka

2. Payment over the counter available only Metrobank Tokyo/Osaka

In any ways, remitter shall give full information of the beneficiary in Japan and ask the sending bank to instruct the payment to MB Tokyo/Osaka.

Those information are, beneficiary name, address, contact number (phone, cell phone). Unless MB Japan receives the accurate information, we cannot contact the beneficiary
and cannot pay the money to the beneficiary.

After we receive the instruction from sending bank, we will contact the beneficiary and the beneficiary needs to show us the relevant and valid ID to confirm the beneficiary
(name, address shall be exactly the same as relevant IDs)

Charges for inward remittance

Yen inward remittance
Lifting Charges 0.05% of remittance amount in Yen, minimum charges 2,000 Yen
(Registered remitter and account holder of MB Japan have 500 Yen discount)

USD inward remittance
Fixed charges Y2,000 only (In case beneficiary receives in Japanese Yen cash)
In case beneficiary receives in USD cash, please ask us for charges.