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Remittance Service of Metrobank Japan (Outward remittance)

  • A. Registration
    1. The remitter may visit our branch or mail to us the remittance/registration application form with a copy of your valid ID. (Registration by fax is not acceptable.).
    2. FOR INDIVIDUAL -He/She must present any valid document/ID showing his name, birthday, address and if the applicant is a foreigner, status of residency.
      Acceptable Documents/IDs: Japan Driver’s License, Health Insurance Card, Residence Card /Certificate for Japanese and Residence Card for foreign nationals.
    3. For COMPANY or CORPORATION -Co. Registration Certificate –issued w/in 3 months; ID of Co. Pres and its Representative with Authorization letter and Seal Certificate of the company
    4. If it is a first time transaction, the remitter fills out a remittance application form indicating information about himself and his beneficiary (i.e. complete name, address, contact number/s, account number, bank where the account is maintained and purpose of remittance).
    5. After the completion of the registration, PIN Number is automatically allocated and PIN Card will be issued to our registered remitter. PIN Card and Confirmation of Registration will be mailed to the remitter by registered mail to the address declared on the registration form as supported by the submitted valid IDs.
    6. The remitter chooses from our variety of services (Please refer to Remittance Services)
  • B. Remittance services:
  • a. Credit to Metrobank Account –

    • Our On-line System, allows your remittance to be credited on the same day to your beneficiaries’ Metrobank account, Peso, US Dollar* and Japanese Yen*, anywhere in the Philippines. (*For next day withdrawal)
    • Our charges:
      For Yen to Peso: ¥2,000-
      For Yen to USD: ¥2,000-
      For Yen to Yen**: ¥2,000- + Lifting Charge of 0.75%
      (Minimum of ¥1,000-)
      **Exclusive for Metrobank Yen account holder only in the Philippines.

    b. Payment Over-the-counter-

    • With our enhanced system and for ¥2,000- charge only, your beneficiary with no Philippine bank
      account can claim your remittance fund in Peso equivalent at any Metrobank branches
      in the Philippines.Funds will be available on the next business day,upon presentation
      of proper identifications.
    • Acceptable ID’s:

      • Passport
      • Drivers License
      • Professional License
      • SSS or GSIS Card
      • Senior Citizen Card
    • c. Credit to other Banks

    • For remittance to other Philippine bank, this service is available for Peso and US Dollar
      account holders only.
      Remittance may take at least 5 business days and with a remittance charge of ¥2,000**.
      **A corresponding service fee will be deducted by the paying bank from the remittance amount.
  • C. Ways to Send
    1. Visit us.

      • Fill-out our Remittance Application Form.
      • Please be advised that we need your valid identifications to process your remittance.
      • For Filipino and other Foreign Nationals, kindly present your Residence Card and for Japanese, please present any of the following: Drivers’ License, Health Insurance Card and Juki Card.

      • Our office hours;
      • Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
      • Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (First and Last Sundays of the month only)
      • Closed on Saturdays and National Holidays of Japan

    2. Bank Transfer (Ginko Furikomi)**
    3. Outward Remittance
      * You can select either of banks at your convenience.
      ** Note:May we request that you always put your PIN code and beneficiary number before your name (in ROMAJI if possible) when you make your bank transfer.

      Proper Transfer