Exchange Rate ??-???-????  (Disclaimer)

Promo Rate w/ E-statement ?.????
(for Individual Remitters of QP, METS & EPRC)

Morning exchange rate is shown until 10:30AM. After 10:30AM, Today’s exchange rate is shown.

Introducing the latest Service of Metrobank: QUICK-PADALA


*All amount inserted will be remitted to the beneficiary less Metrobank remittance charge. Please insert the exact total amount (including charges) as the machine will not give change. COINS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

  • 1. As standard procedure, the amount you deposited will not be printed on your receipt.
  • 2. Maximum allowable deposit amounth is JPY 300,000.
  • 3. You will receive immediate notification of your transaction via SMS/Email.