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Revision of MBJ Privacy Policy (handling of personal information)


Please be noted Revised Privacy Policy of the Metrobank Japan (MBJ) in line with the enforcement of the amended Act on Protection of Personal Information on April 1, 2022.

In addition, in accordance with the provisions of the amended act , when customers, requesting foreign remittance, the bank should provide you with information regarding Protection of personal information of the country where the receiving bank or via bank of is located.

All remittance we accepted from you are processing to your valuable beneficiary’s account via our head office in the Philippines.
Therefore, we will give you information related to handling of Privacy Information in Philippines. Please refer to each website below for the relevant information.

[ Related information(Link)]

・ Privacy policy (handling of personal information)

・ Japanese Bankers Association (JBA) website

・ Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) website

・ Metropolitan Bank Philippines Privacy policy

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